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Pictures of Bonnie!

Here are some pictures of my adorable pooch, Bonnie. She's actually afraid of cameras (and has figured out that there is one in my cell phone, too), so sometimes I have to bribe her with a Wheat Chex to get a picture...

Pictures of Bonnie!Bonnie is making long-distance calls while watching daytime television...
Bonnie loves making nests out of blankets and pillows
Pictures of Bonnie!Pictures of Bonnie!Bonnie got made into the bed...
"Pay attention to me!  Not the television!"
"My chair."
Bonnie on Halloween 2009
Spider Pup
It's hard to make the bed when there is a pooch in it...
Bonnie doens't like baths"I hope you weren't trying to get in here...  This is my side of the bed.  And so is the other side..."
Bonnie the "Bark Ranger"
Rub my bellyPretty pretty princess
Pictures of Bonnie!Peek-a-boo
Pictures of Bonnie!Pictures of Bonnie!Pictures of Bonnie!
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mrsld mrsld 7 years 5 weeks
worth all the wheat chex! She is too cute!
wren1 wren1 7 years 5 weeks
You sure got some great shots, especially since she doesn't like the camera. You can't even tell. Cute! :)
ladyr ladyr 7 years 5 weeks
What a cutie pie!!