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Pixy Stix Sandwich

Pixy Stix Sandwich
From The Breakfast Club

1 slice white bread
1 slice wheat bread
2 Pixy Stix (flavored sugar in straws)
2 handfuls of Cap'n Crunch cereal

  1. Butter slice of white bread. You can also butter the wheat slice if you want.
  2. Pour contents of one pixy stix evenly onto white bread slice.
  3. Pour contents of one pixy stix evenly onto wheat bread slice.
  4. Sprinkle handfuls of Cap'n Crunch evenly onto white piece of bread. Smash cereal down with your hands.
  5. Repeat with wheat bread.
  6. Carefully put slices together, and enjoy!
  7. Wash it all down with a Coke!
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FoxyJo FoxyJo 8 years 4 weeks
Too funny! Has anyone ever tried this??? ~JO~
rb24 rb24 8 years 49 weeks
I love that scene in breakfast club
PennyCheesecake PennyCheesecake 8 years 49 weeks
I think the secret is in peeling off the baloney and cheese and throwing it into the air so that it lands precariously on a statue. :)
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 8 years 49 weeks
:rotfl: from the breakfast club!!!!
colormesticky colormesticky 8 years 49 weeks
:rotfl: That's terrifying!