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Homemade Green Chile & Ham Frozen Breakfast Burritos
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Pizza in a Cone?

Maybe I'm late to the game (pardon the pun here), but I attended a minor league baseball game in Coney Island over the weekend and did a double take when I visited the concession stand. I thought I was looking at an ice cream cone, but when I looked more closely, it was actually pizza in a cone. The cone was made from pizza crust and the interior was filled with sauce and cheese. While I have to admit that I didn't indulge (my heart was set on a good old fashion Nathan's hot dog), plenty of kids were and they were loving it! Has anyone seen these before?

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Poptarts018 Poptarts018 3 years 39 weeks
i want it, to go w/ my fried poptarts
DannyB60000 DannyB60000 4 years 7 weeks
its CYCONE PIZZA not K pizzacone ........
ajacr ajacr 4 years 7 weeks
K Pizzacone in NYC.
babysugar babysugar 4 years 7 weeks
I was too chicken to try it. It just looked so odd to me!
lauren lauren 4 years 7 weeks
I have never heard or seen this before! Was it good?