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Please Advise: A wine for my mom?

I found really cute Christmas wine charms that I would like to give my mom as a present this holiday, but I would also like to buy a bottle of wine to go with them (I am working backwards, I guess). She really likes Beaujolis-Villlages from George Duboeuf (pictured) but we have several bottles in the house. Can anyone recommend a similar wine or something new to try? Thanks, and happy holidays!

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SaraSmile SaraSmile 8 years 23 weeks
Thanks - and I didnt even think about asking at the wine shop (duh). I will definitely do that! :)
partysugar partysugar 8 years 23 weeks
If you want something super similar why not try another kind of Beaujolais, like Louis Tete Beaujolais Nouveau. A smooth red like a Pinot Noir is another great option. I suggest going to your local wine shop and asking the owner for some advice. Explain to him what your mother likes to eat and drink and what her favorite wines are. He can offer you multiple options in your price range. Good luck!