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Princess Penelope-The supermodel

Watching that Other German ModelWatching that Other German ModelPenny is a Miniature Pinscher with enough personality for 3 dogs. While she has a sweet personality, she may take a while to show it to you. She is quite picky on who she loves on (aka. if you bring her a treat!).

We got her from a rescue center that rescues "over used" mothers at a puppy mill. Penny is around 2 1/2 and has had 2 or 3 litters. She also has a couple of bum knees but you would't know it from her strut.

When she first came to our apartment, she found the closest mirror and couldn't stop staring at herself. She thinks she is very good looking. She loves wearing different clothes and checking herself out. She also loves to stretch...I think it her way to be part of the ultrafabulous Pilates movement. She also loves trying to drink my diet coke...and finds cigarette butts on the ground fascinating (just looking--we think it was a previous vise). She doesn't love to eat all the time...she is working to take off her baby weight.

Penny often compares herself to that other German model...the one with that show on Bravo. Penny knows she can do a better job...she is way fierce! She does like watching that show and anything on E!...she has to keep up with the latest trends.

While her mom is a bit of tom boy, Penny was quickly dubbed Princess and Diva.

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JennaV JennaV 8 years 25 weeks
PS>>>> Bless you for saving her :halo: I keep reading the most horrifying things about puppy mills :mob:
JennaV JennaV 8 years 25 weeks
Oh my gosh!!!! Look how itty bitty and cute :love: