Priyanka Chopra without Makeup

Shelia14564764 Shelia14564764 2 years 51 weeks
not to bad
zoehildagreyson zoehildagreyson 6 years 16 weeks
I prefer her natural look, she's more approachable.
JustGlamorous JustGlamorous 6 years 29 weeks
Priyanka Chopra + red color = BEAUTIFUL!
She looks beautiful without makeup...........
genesisrocks genesisrocks 7 years 15 weeks
She looks good
mariejoeyjacobs mariejoeyjacobs 7 years 19 weeks
Not so bad.
tdsollog tdsollog 7 years 20 weeks
I think she looks okay. Mostly everyone looks okay without it.
purfyoom purfyoom 7 years 20 weeks
She's pretty..
Schaianne Schaianne 7 years 20 weeks
I think this should be called "Celebs without Photoshop". ;) It's crazy how UNREALISTIC they make women (and men!) look nowadays! She looks JUST FINE w/o touchups.
Iveenia Iveenia 7 years 20 weeks
yes - we are all looking better when the DIGITAL changes take place... And when made-up... So SHE LOOKS QUITE GOOD!!! you can look worse when wearing make-up ALL the time... I have seen models - you would NEVER recognize on the street if not wearing make-up - i am NOT kidding!
donamaria donamaria 7 years 20 weeks
She is okay without makeup.
kate27 kate27 7 years 20 weeks
She is always beautiful!
samantha999 samantha999 7 years 20 weeks
She has a nice natural look - add the make up and she's beautiful. *************** "Enjoy life, it's ungrateful not to." - Ronald Reagan