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Product Reviews Group: Joolz One Grand Stroller

This comes from user meganmckenzie in our Product Reviews group.

This isn't exactly a product review, but more of a request for one! Has anyone seen, touched, or used this product? I absolutely love some of the features that I have read about, but I fear purchasing a stroller that I haven't seen. There isn't much information out there about this stroller. Anyone out there have a good review of the Joolz One Grand — or any of the Joolz strollers, for that matter?

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4 years 42 weeks
Just received our brand new Joolz Day stroller combo and I can safely say it's real quality! Flashy aluminium chassis and seat frame. We got the sand colour and it's all very easy to put together. Came in 3 very trenily designed boxes. The Joolz is bigger than I'd imagined, but it has to do with the height I think. We ordered ours from a firm called They are based in the NL where I'm from (live in Sweden now - UPS delivery very smooth). According to these guys the Joolz Day is the latest version of this model, the Joolz ZZZ One (Grand) being the older model and it turns out that the older model was not up to scratch with regards to build quality etc. This new version is DEFINITELY up to scratch and is being manufactured in a completely different facility than the older one. I ordered a little early as our boy isn't due for another 8 weeks, but I knew what I wanted and so far I'm not disappointed :)
mstrauss mstrauss 4 years 43 weeks
I don't have this stroller, but here are some comments from an online thread (the basket looks pretty small): Another stroller that I LOVE is the ICOO. I didn't buy it for myself (I have the Baby Jogger City Elite) but I still wish I did: It lies flat, has a great basket, pushes so nicely, is fairly light, has fun accessories, etc.
4 years 43 weeks
I understand your concern. Just ordered the Joolz Day complete stroller kit from I expect delivery here in Sweden in roughly 4-5 days. Before ordering I spoke to the very helpful customer service line (they're based in the Netherlands) and squeezed just about every piece of info that I wanted out of them. Here's the lowdown: 1. Joolz Bloom and Joolz ZZZ One are names of annual updates of the same model stroller that Dutch company Joolz brought out in 2007 for the first time. 2. The latest model that just came out is called Joolz Day 3. Like most modern items fashion, technology, etc it is manufactured in China. The ZZZ One series apparently suffered from an array of faults mainly chassis-related that was caused by non-adherence to manufacturing guidelines, so the company changed production site altogether and brought out the latest version, the Joolz Day. This problem is NOT isolated to Joolz, but has popped up in all the known brands. 4. I was assured by the customer service guy that the Joolz Day is high quality, so hope he's right! 5. In case you were wondering, the Tailor option no longer exists (too much hassle apparently). Besides it would have cost an additional €400 on top of the regular price. Here's the official link in case you hadn't found it. I know why you want this stroller: it's the ultimate cross between Bugaboo and Stokke Xplory and nearly nobody has it!