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Project Runway's Top 3 Finale Collections!

After a season full of surprises, Project Runway season seven has come to an end. I will thoroughly miss seeing the work of those talented designers, and hearing the funny — and sometimes not-so-funny — comments from the judges. Let's go back in time to February at New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 and check out the 10-piece collections of the top three: Emilio, Mila, and Seth Aaron. Here are the eveningwear looks — can you guess whose is whose? Congratulations to Project Runway season seven winner: Seth Aaron!

Project Runway Season 7 Finale CollectionsEmilioEmilioEmilioEmilioEmilioEmilioEmilioEmilioEmilioEmilioEmilioMilaMilaMilaMilaMilaMilaMilaMilaMilaMilaMilaSeth AaronSeth AaronSeth AaronSeth AaronSeth AaronSeth AaronSeth AaronSeth AaronSeth AaronSeth AaronSeth AaronHeidi KlumThe Project Runway Gang
Deme14375681 Deme14375681 1 year 23 weeks
I loved the gold evning dress by romero niiiiice
superninja superninja 4 years 20 weeks
Mila surprisingly amped it up, and I could see her working for a retail line. I loved Emilio's work the most throughout the season, and it's always sad to see such a talent sort of tank when it's left totally up to him. I wonder if sometimes the pressure and being given a task bring out something in designers they are not as capable of tuning into on their own. Aaron's final collection surprised the hell out of me. I am not into this aesthetic at all, but his stuff looks flawless.
4 years 20 weeks
I get tired of the remarks about Mila and her collection being "old." Emilio and Seth Aaron are in the same age range- all three finalists were over 35- so in this case it seems as though experience was helpful- not that you can't have the talent at 18-21.... I myself am in my twenties and get sick of twenty somethings making negative remarks about older people in the industry. I wish that at 40 I could have the looks and ability to manipulate fabrics that Mila has...
danizzle danizzle 4 years 20 weeks
i love seth aaron!! i have been searching and searching for his website.. can anyone tell me what it is..nothing comes up on google!
JazzyBelle2 JazzyBelle2 4 years 20 weeks
Emilio was good. Mila stepped it up. Seth Aaron's win was well deserved because he rocked the entire time.
yabo yabo 4 years 20 weeks
love it! The final picture with the judges is amazing!
RainyDays RainyDays 4 years 20 weeks
I'm so glad Mila didn't win. Her stuff is nice, (in a department store kind of way) like for older ladies who think they are young.
4 years 20 weeks
milas dress was similar to her "hardware challenge dress".
lizlee89 lizlee89 4 years 21 weeks
Finally the judges got it right! Seth Aaron was THE best talent on the show this season; one of the best of the entire series. Emilio's stuff on the show was amazing, but his final collection was just awful, and Mila's designs are nothing special. Seth Aaron is innovative, whimsical, and precise. His designs are smart and fun; trendy and trend-setting. All that and the fact that he is such a likable person (unlike douche Emilio and boring Mila); I was so relieved and so happy that someone deserving finally won...
prtybrwnskn prtybrwnskn 4 years 21 weeks
Seth Aaron deserved to win. His collection was innovative, fresh, chic and exciting. I had a smile on my face with every single look in his collection. It is time for someone new, and Seth Aaron is ready for the big time!
SofiaNolan SofiaNolan 4 years 21 weeks
the first dress on the right is my favourite!
4 years 21 weeks
I dont think Seth Aaron should have won. Another collection that will go nowhere