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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up
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Pure Ice Nail Polish 3 day review blog.

I want you all to follow me on this three day update on Pure Ice nail polish. I've been hearing mixed reviews on this brand and since it was only $2.00 (it used to be only a dollar). I just had to try it out myself. After all, I mentioned that during August it will be my last chance to buy up different polishes. :cry: After that, I'm going to use up the ones I have. Let's get down to it! So I did a bit of hauling at Walmart. I was really looking for that new line of Xtreme wear by Sally Hansen which are so... good looking. However, I couldn't find them there so I ended up getting Pure Ice. I love their ranges of colors. I picked up five of them. The color I'm going to test out is called "Busted". Its a very sheer purple polish with a pink shimmer. Very cute. I would recommend wearing this polish over another polish because I had to apply 4 coats to get this finish and as you'll see it's still sheer....

So check back tomorrow to see what's going on with this polish...

Day 1- most polishes wouldn't stand a chance of scratching your head, applying make- up, washing dishes or even a simple shower. Everything seems to be in tact.

Day 2 and 3- well during day two, there was a slight wear age at the tip of a couple of fingers. Nothing too noticeable. After cooking my new recipe and changing the sheet of my bed, I noticed the chipping. However, this polish could have gone on longer at least another day. If anyone wants to purchase Pure Ice, I suggest it be women without children. Simply because running after kids all day, your polish WILL NEVER last...

nomerskomer nomerskomer 6 years 40 weeks
I have never tried this brand before, so I thought I would try it out last week. I purchased "Watermelon Ice", a beautiful melon/medium salmon color and it only took two coats to cover the nails. I have had it on for a week and still is yet to chip! I would recommend it to anyone! And, no, I do not have any kids. Big factor in wear, I know! Still I would buy another color to try!
hyzenthlay20 hyzenthlay20 6 years 43 weeks
There was a shade of Pure Ice that my mom and I fell in love with several years ago. It was a cranberry-marroonish color, perfect for summer pedicures for us :) I'll see her later this week, and I'll ask her if she still has the bottle, as I'm curious about the name. Thanks for the reminder of the brand!
almost-famous almost-famous 6 years 43 weeks
Its very sheer as I mentioned, but it can still be worn by itself for a nice clean look. on my WAY :star:
CCee CCee 6 years 43 weeks
Very sheer, it would look amazing over a lilac colour I think. Still, it looks pretty on you!