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Queen Sized?

2008 American Music Awards - Red Carpet

I was flipping through channels yesterday, (note, I’ve been doing a lot of channel surfing since "Snowmagedon' has most of the mid-Atlantic region buried), when I came across a movie called "Queen Sized". I don't know what it is about that expression that somehow makes me so annoyed? When my husband refers to me as his queen, it inevitably brings a smile to my face and a coquettish gleam to my eyes- however, when I see movies featuring curvy girls, labeling them- Queen sized, it makes me mad.

The plot of this movie is a young girl is entered into the running as a prank for prom queen- anyway, though the story line was predictable- I found myself cheering for this girl... YES, you are beautiful, YES, in spite of the fact that you must shop for extended sizes, you can be sexy too!
Sure I found myself getting teary-eyed; over the predicable plot (Lifetime is good for that! The tears and the predictability) However, I was angry at the writers for coming up with such a silly title... I realized that for years-QUEEN sized, has simply been code-word for fat- me? I prefer curvy- I will always be a queen, but queen-sized? Not so much!

Toccara jones is one of my absolutely favorite "curvy- NOT QUEEN-sized" fashionistas.