Quick Q: Which Two Teams...


Would you like to see go on to the Stanley Cup final round and battle for the most desired trophy in the league?


Currently the their are four teams left, two series: San Jose Sharks vs Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference; Montreal Canadians vs Philadelphia Flyers in the Eastern.


Now if the team you rally behind is one of the above: Congratulations! If not, I am sorry for the loss as I understand the feeling (the Pens were just booted out by Montreal (sniffle.) However since hockey if a blast to watch there must be a match-up from the above teams that you might find fun to watch body-check and clobber one another on the quest to become THE team of 2009-2010.


So, do vote and tell.

leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 6 years 1 week
This is quite an interesting playoff season. Those you would expect to see in the final four dropped like flies in the 1st round than 2nd. Now usually the Flyers would not be surprising however their regular season stats were poor. Seeing them this far into the run is a bit shocking. Also, I know how you feel; I have yet to cast a vote for the same reason. So far, the only decision I have made is that in the Eastern Conference, I would rather see Montreal win than Philadelphia. The burn from Montreal winning both the first/last game(s) at Mellon has not left however it would be "worse", IMO, to see Hartnell & Carcillo skating around with the win, as proud as a peacock. As for the West, I am at a complete loss... For Chicago I like Toews but dislike Hossa; for San Jose I like that they are the underdog but my opinion of Thorton is cloudy due to his antics/loose temper canceling out some of his recent team work. At this rate I will never vote! :P
outofhere outofhere 6 years 2 weeks
Leeluv, I haven't voted because I'm unsure of which team I want to win. :ponder: This lineup is so unexpected! I'll have to check back with you on that. It's been sad to see Vancouver and Pittsburgh out of the running so I think I'm still trying to deal with that. I'll be watching the series to the end and you're right, hockey is fun to watch and I feel like Hockey fans are really wonderful people who support the game even if their favourite team is out of the running.