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Ready for War

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Designers, magazines, and retailers around the world are finally coming together for one thing but it's not world peace....yet. It's the military look.
Italian designer Gucci featured earth toned army skirts, silky low-cut tops, khakis, and crisp whites in their new collection. Over in South America, Marie Claire Brazil featured plenty of green and lace-up boots in their latest edition. Global retailer H&M also used military buttons, army green tights, and aviator jackets while keeping it feminine with soft pastels and ruffles.

So what does that mean for shoes? It's all about serious attitude when it comes to your heels. Be fierce and fearless with a touch of femininity. Or be soft and polished. Either way, make love, not war, and fall in love with these booties. For $995 or $31.

Military trends

Military trends by oczernyale featuring high heel boots

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Military Issue (American Vogue)

Shabby Shapes Photoshop Brushes by Designfruit

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