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Fall in Love: Midwest Couple Has PhD in LDR

Welcome to our Fall in Love series featuring authentic love stories from all different kinds of couples. If you want to be featured, here's how.

Today's couple — Brian and Leah — both come from St. Louis, MO, although they never knew each other growing up. Today they're managing a long-distance marriage, as Brian finishes his PhD in Austin, TX, and Leah lives and works in Kansas City, MO (along with their cat Hummus Rocky). They can't wait to live together and "finally spend money on important things like food and alcohol, rather than flights." They'll tell you more, below.

TrèsSugar: How long have you been together?
Brian and Leah: We met in 2004, got married in 2009.

TS: What do you do for a living?
B & L: Leah recently received her doctorate in clinical psychology and is completing a postdoctoral position at the Center for Behavioral Medicine in Kansas City, MO, an agency for the Department of Mental Health. Brian is completing his doctorate in cognitive psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Two psychologists in one marriage, what could possibly go wrong?

TS: How did you meet?
B & L: We met at a "best friend's weekend" at Missouri State University in 2004 (but neither of us attended that school). Leah moved back to the area for a one-year internship in 2009, and we went back to the same table at the same restaurant where we met! You could still smell the aroma of young love.

Brian describing Leah: Spunky. Leah describing Brian: Creative.

TS: What's the one thing you have most in common?
B & L: We love visiting new places and towns including restaurants, wineries, and festivals. Different side of the same coin: We both dislike chain stores.

TS: What's the one way you differ the most?
B & L: Brian is a night person, and Leah is a morning person. So when we get together on weekends it can make for an interesting combination that usually results in a chaotic pattern of napping that even throws off our cat.

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Sourie Sourie 5 years 33 weeks
Amazing! I hope the best of wishes for you guys. Keeping a LDR is difficult but not impossible, and after all, is worth it at the end. ;)