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Fall in Love: Young Love Still Strong For High School Sweethearts

Welcome to our Fall in Love series featuring authentic love stories from all different kinds of couples. If you want to be featured, here's how.

Today's couple — Sara and Nick — were good friends in high school and decided to take it to the next level. Now they go to college together in Texas, where they're enjoying the excitement of young love. They'll tell you more, below.

TrèsSugar: How long have you been together?
Sara and Nick: We have been together for 15 months.

TS: What do you do for a living?
S & N: Nick and I are both full-time students. Nick is a new media art major and I am a comm design major. We now live in Denton, TX, on campus at UNT where we are both sophomores. We live in the same dorm, just down the hall from each other. We both chose to go to UNT before we started dating, and I'm so glad we did. Other high school couples split because they chose to go to different colleges, but we got really lucky.

TS: How did you meet?
Nick: Our friend tried to introduce us to each other online. We talked every once in a while but not much. Then we had a sociology class together in our junior year and other classes together throughout high school after that.
Sara: During our senior year Nick, our friend Tasha, and I started hanging out a lot. We became the best of friends, the three amigos, musketeers!
Nick: The more we hung out, the closer the two of us became. Eventually we started to hang out just the two of us. We watched movies and went to the park together. One day we went on a date together. We went ice skating and got ice cream and watched Finding Nemo. At the end of the movie we were holding hands.
Sara: That night we changed our Facebook statuses to "in a relationship." Neither of us had been in a relationship before so we really didn't know what to expect. Just holding hands in the hallway was so exhilarating. Every second we spent together the closer and closer we got. Now we are completely inseparable, best friends, and truly meant to be. We share the same passions for music, art, and finding magic in the world.

Nick describing Sara: I feel like beautiful would be too cliché, but you're so beautiful, in every sense of the word.
Sara describing Nick: Comfort. You are my rock, my world, and my shelter.
TS: What's the one thing you have most in common?
Nick: Appreciation for the world and all the beauty in it.
Sara: Being young at heart.
TS: What's the one way you differ the most?
Nick: You're more detail-oriented than I am.
Sara: I am more objective, but Nick is more relaxed.

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