Really cute patent oxford booties for $34!

Yesterday I was at Target and of course I decided to swing by the shoe section, though I regularly get any because they are usually very uncomfortable.

But they had some cute ones so I tried on a few pairs. And then I found this really cute pair of patent oxford booties from the Isaac Mizrahi line - I tried them on and they were VERY comfortable! And also easy to walk in, because the heel is a bit chunkier than most booties and they have a bit of platform. I look at the price - 34 dollars! Of course I got them :-)

The photos doesn't do them justice, they are cuter in person and on. And the best thing is this: I hadn't bought any oxfords because they cut at the ankle and I think they make legs look larger and shorter - but these have a sort of peek-a-boo effect because they are half pump, half booties, so I can pull them off :-)

ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 7 years 41 weeks
omg love!
astanisz astanisz 7 years 41 weeks
Ok, I need to go to target today for some other items so this is perfect timing. Thanks for the heads up!! :)
VSug VSug 7 years 41 weeks
WOW! Those are not cute, they are gorgeous...And what a bargain! Thanks for posting :)