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Reap the Benefits of Hiking This Season

We all know that regular exercise does a body good, but feeling restrained behind gym walls can leave you feeling burned out and unmotivated. To mix things up and add adventure to your workout, get outside and hike! Educate yourself on its amazing health benefits.

  • Hiking lowers blood pressure by opening arteries and taking stress off the heart.
  • Hiking reduces stress levels.
  • Hiking is a great way to let your mind go while working up a sweat, catching some rays, and taking in some fresh air.
  • An hour of hiking can burn a whopping 355 calories!

Click on the city nearest to you for a customized hiking guide — San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, or New York.

HikingSpain HikingSpain 4 years 23 weeks
Couldn't agree more, hiking is a great way to keep fit!
samil7 samil7 4 years 23 weeks
This is awesome!!!