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Reasons Why I Love Keith Urban (reference of robert Pattinson incident)

i don't really go on the same boat with other girls when it comes to male celebrities. Who know, i may be trappped in a teenagers body. I like men that just have a feel about them.

- I find him incredibly hot.
- He has these amazing beautiful blue soulful eyes which make your heart melt away.
- He has this amazing smile that gives me heart palputations all the time.
- I love his hair, not too shabby, not too girly. NOTHING like Billy Ray Cyrus's.
- He has a tan - i am a sucker for a tan.
- He has great skin - so i hear.
- His tattoos are so cool. I Love them.
- His biceps are amazingly toned.
- When he is so in the zone, he starts head banging away during his guitar solos that his hair flies everywhere.
- He is an amazing singer.
- An incredible song writter - so many emotions.
- He is an amazing guitarist.
- He can play so many instruments.
- He is grateful to have made it to Nashville that you wanna give him a big hug.
- He writes his songs from that great heart of his
- He loves being a great father and husband and it really shows.
- He is so thankful that he has a healthy daughter and is a hppily married man.
- If any Hollywood couple can survive till the end it's him and Nicole.
- He respects, trusts and is truly in love with Nicole.
- He doesn't forget where he comes from.
- He is such a mamma's boy but also a daddy's boy.
He knows that he has made mistakes but unlike many celebs, he fixes them. He went into rehab a broken, deeply hurt, sorrowed man and left a happy, joyful grateful man with a blossoming marriage and brilliant career. I know that he is not everyone's cup of tea but he is mine and i would drink him all day long for the rest of my life!

So here is your chance to go on and insult me and this man like i had done (or supposedly did) to Robert Pattinson. Why should i listen to you? after all it is my opinion that i love this man and it is your opinion to love who ever you want. Like i said before i only wanted to know why people did, i sais a couple things that annoyed me about him. say all you want about Keith, i have hear it all - cokehead, huge forehead, asshole, crakehead, alkie, junkie, hillbilly etc

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PinkNC PinkNC 6 years 44 weeks
I think you will always love Keith the most :)
katecroft08 katecroft08 7 years 20 m
this is all so true! i love both him and nicole! gosh! lucky they have each other!
scotlandrulz scotlandrulz 7 years 1 week
thanks for your comment Sapphirepa. Keith is just amazing and i love him and Nicole together too!
Sapphirepa Sapphirepa 7 years 1 week
I also agree with everything that you said. Keith is a wonderful man. I had a chance to see him in concert when he was opening for Dwight Yockim in Las Vegas when all he had out on the radio was his top 3 songs. My seat was all of about 20 feet away from him and wow he is even more beautiful in person then his photos will ever show. He was amazing! It was all acoustic and no band as yet. I could sit there all night and just watch him play guitar, but to hear him sing, it fells like he is just singing to you and you alone. I was so proud of him and what he accomplished in his recovery. Its not easy. I am also a recovered from my choice of drug and did mine "cold turkey", so I know how difficult it is to get over any addiction. I am now 7 years sober and it still isn't easy. But what he has managed to do is wonderful, and Nichols part isn't easy either, to be there so support and help where you can, I thank her very much for that. I was so happy when they (Keith and Nichol) got together. I couldn't have wished for a better couple to be with each other. And when i found out that Nichol was going to have their child, I was dancing for joy! They make wonderful and amazing parents. I don't know what was said about Robert Pattinson, and it really doesn't matter. Everyone is welcome to their own opinions. I in fact am a huge fan of his, and I think he's a wonderful kid and I can see a wonderful career in the future for him, whether it's in movies or music. But again that is my opinion. Being here so close to Hollywood, you see lots of stuff and its a crazy business to be in whether it's in music or movies. Take care and all the best from California!
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 7 years 6 weeks
Great photos!!I like him too!!
jackiered jackiered 7 years 6 weeks
Scot, I agree with everything you said about Keith! "he's amazing"