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Red, White, and Blue Treats For Kids

Bring on the patriotic pride this weekend! While mom and dad get the grill ready for a season of old-fashioned barbecues, lil ones can join in the festive spirit with some red, white, and blue treats that will excite children of any age. From cakes and cookies to popsicles and drinks, these all-American sweets will add some sparkle to your holiday menu!

Red, White, and Blue Treats For Kids Red, White, and Blue ParfaitsRed, White, and Blue Ice Cream CakeFlag CakeRed, White, and Blue Tie Dye CookiesFourth of July PopsBomb Pop BeveragePretzel SparklersOld Glory CakeFourth of July JigglersRed, White, and Blue Ice Pops
CareBear15120 CareBear15120 2 years 6 days
Am I blind? I don't see any recipes for any of these pictures. I wanted the recipe for the star sugar cookies and the flag cake. Can you please help me? Thanks
EvieJ EvieJ 5 years 3 days
Just be forewarned. If you give your child anything with blue icing, the blue dye has to come out somewhere. Don't call your doctor in hysterics like I did... "Doctor, her poo is blue" "Er...what have you fed her" "Well, she had that cake with blue icing" "There you go...(idiot)".