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Replacement Found! Happiness Bound!

I thought I didn’t want a white wristlet in my handbag wardrobe, but I couldn’t help but look for one anyway. Lucky me just browsing on the website found an adequate white leather wristlet to replace the damaged white patent leather wristlet. And since it was just $85, I only had to pay $10 for it. *bunny binky*


I remember the day I bought my first Prada bag. I was so proud. I just knew that I had made this amazing fashion choice and that little symbol proved it. I didn’t feel that way when my bag du jour became last season’s look. What exactly do I do with a $600 bag that isn’t as cute as it used to be? Hmmm? I could try to sell it on ebay, but with the market being flooded with fakes, it’s hard to get a good price for the real deal. I eventually gave it away to Goodwill believe it or not.


I decided then that I would no longer waste good money. I wanted leather bags that would stand the test of time: material wise, fashion wise, and money wise. I admit that I felt Dooney and Bourke had lost its edge for a quick minute there, but when the circle hobos came out…I was back on board. Quickly became a great customer at the Madison Flagship store…I was creating a handbag wardrobe that would last a lifetime.


Again, we don’t really NEED anything, but we as fashionistas WANT. I especially want my greenbacks to go as far as the eye can see.