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Review: Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders

Ole Henriksen Three Little WondersOle Henriksen Three Little Wonders

If you've ever seen Ole Henriksen, you know his skin is amazing. The Three Little Wonders are a trio of basics - "truth serum" with vitamin C for day, "invigorating night gel" for the PM, and "sheer transformation creme" for moisturizing any time of day.

Since I started this routine a few months ago, I have really noticed a difference in my skin! My pores appear smaller, I have a more even skin-tone, and a healthy glow to boot.

Here's a tip: All 3 bottles/jars are made of glass. Keep them in the fridge and they will feel all the more luxurious as they cool and refresh your skin!

Though the price may seem a little high at $65 (, it's a great value for these three products. A little bit truly goes a long way.

TNgirl TNgirl 8 years 32 weeks
Great review Sand! I received some sample packs of his products with my last Sephora order but have yet to try them out. Now that I have read your review I am excited to test them out. ~*~*~*~TNgirl~*~*~*~
wynter wynter 8 years 35 weeks
Great review!
sandinmytoes sandinmytoes 8 years 35 weeks
romaniagrl, i definitely can't speak for your skin but mine can be sensitive at times and i have never found this product to be irritating, drying, or excessively oily on my combo-oily skin. if you wanted to try it without paying $65, has a miniature version of the same set for half price!
rgrl rgrl 8 years 35 weeks
I would love to try this but it would probably make me break out... I have terrible skin.
jennifer76 jennifer76 8 years 35 weeks
Great review! And cute username. :D Thanks!
sofi sofi 8 years 35 weeks
great post. funny thing- I just read something about him in Lucky (i think) about how he got into skincare because he used to have bad acne.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 8 years 35 weeks
wow, great post! :-)
Livience Livience 8 years 35 weeks
Ooh, I'm always looking for new skin goodies!!
JustPlainJane JustPlainJane 8 years 35 weeks
Great post, thanks for the review *Thank you. My real name... is plain... Jane Jones. (Alice - Closer)