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Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation (It Really Lasts!)


Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Ok ladies, its official! I have found my new favorite foundation: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation.

I'm not normally a regular foundation fan, I usually opt for a tinted moisturizer or mineral foundation but this 25 hour foundation has me singing it's praises.

Foundation doesn't last on me, I dunno if It's my oily/combo skin, or the heat which causes my foundation to sweat off, but by midday my face is usually begging for another application of foundation.

So when I was getting my makeup done by celebrity makeup artist Don Malot, he decided to pull out the big guns and opted for Rimmel's Lasting Finish.

Now, Don is an amazingly talented makeup artist, but still I had my doubts. Really? A drugstore foundation that lasts 25 hours?

It applied fabulously, the coverage was amazing and it didn't feel heavy on my skin which are all super important aspects when considering a new foundation.

But the real test was whether or not it lasted all day; through getting hair done, lunch, 4 hours of filming then dinner.

That night I returned to my room and was awe-struck. My foundation was still perfect, no budging, no acne peaking through, no dark circles just amazing looking skin! I knew I had to go out and buy my own bottle immediately.

I still had doubts, I mean Don is a pro makeup artist and I'm just a beauty blogger, could I really make this foundation last like he did?

I wore the foundation for school, then work and upon my return went to freshen up my face to go out for dinner and much to my surprise it was still put and looking flawless.

This is such a great foundation that LASTS, perfect for photos as well as it doesn't contain sunscreen which can alter the color of your face on camera. If it's good enough for a long day of shooting under hot lights and video cameras, its good enough for anything!

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reeskies reeskies 5 years 2 weeks
sounds good! I need to get my hands on this foundation. Thanks for sharing
lauren lauren 5 years 2 weeks
WOW, thanks for such a great review! I will have to check this out!