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My take on Chanel Mimosa
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The Look For Less: Brilliant Brow Pencils

Over the past decade or so, Anastasia Soare has established herself as the expert in eyebrow grooming. Her company, Anastasia Beverly Hills, has a Go Brow Brow Pencil & Highlighter ($21). It's a dual-ended chunky pencil that features a universal brow color on one end and a highlighter on the other. For just half the cost, Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph ($10) is an excellent alternative.

While Soap & Glory's version isn't as creamy as Anastasia's, with its soft brown and champagne-toned shades, I had no problem using this lower-priced pencil to give my brows definition. I applied the soft pink portion under my eyes as an instant pick-me-up, yet another way to use a flesh-toned liner. I have even used the darker side as liner and shadow in a pinch. Have any lookalike products for less that you might like to recommend? Head over to the Beauty Dupes group in our BellaSugar Community and tell us all about them.

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My take on Chanel Mimosa Mila Kunis' Oscar beauty look for less! Express yourself. How Do You Winter-Proof Your Hair? cheap nars alternatives Double the Fun: Beauty Products With More Than One Use? Inexpensive Alternatives For Chanel's Beige Felin Lipstick
divinedivabeauty divinedivabeauty 5 years 31 weeks
NYX has a very similar product called the Eyebrow Pushup Bra for only $10!!! Overall I wasn't overly impressed with the Anastacia products I purchased about a month ago. There are much cheaper alternatives out there. Ardell (false eyelash brand) also carries a line of brow products (brow pencils, powders, and gels) that are just as good. The only thing I would say I would definitely buy again from Anastacia's line is the brow pen and the stencils. Everything else in her line is just overpriced to me.
danizzle danizzle 5 years 41 weeks
another great one is by a slave to anastacia, i get my eyebrows done every 6 weeks on the dot, but i wont pay that much when for $6 i can get a hypo allergenic brow pencil and highlighter!
sm225 sm225 6 years 21 weeks
I use Benefit "High Brow" and it takes 10 years off your face!! I swear by it ... a tiny bit under the eyebrows lifts the whole face. It lasts forever too (both the pencil itself and on the face). Everyone I've turned on to this loves it too!!