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My take on Chanel Mimosa
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"Rice Paper" Dupe Needed Please

HI does anyone know a good dupe for MAC's Rice Paper eyeshadow? I love it, but my budget is super tight.


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Drewsfan Drewsfan 5 years 41 weeks
I think Mary Kay's moonstone looks very similar! I love it as a highlighter.
SnufaLuffaGus143 SnufaLuffaGus143 5 years 41 weeks
From what I can tell by Google images, it looks VERY similar to a L'Oreal H.i.P. color that i own. The duo is called "Flare" 404. One side has the neutral color & the other side has a mac dupe for coppering.
lauren lauren 5 years 41 weeks
I love the mac eyeshadow colors too! The colors are great and they last forever! I do also like it is a lot cheaper and I am sure you can find a color similar the neutral khaki looks pretty close.