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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up
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Rihanna's Trends for everyday!




Now we all know that Rihanna's fashion sense isn't meant for everyday women, but that doesn't mean we can't copy her make up trends. I even did my own vergen of her star tattoo. In this photo, I love her overall look, but her glossy purple lip is Fierce and BOLD to say the least. Now I know the dark colors are only ment for the Fall, but I am loving this look and WILL carry it all the way to Winter. That's just the kind of girl I So I'm using about five different lip products two are bold and two are not so bold...

- Burt bees wax super shiny lip gloss in "sweet pink"

- Burt bees wax lip shimmer in "champange"

- M.A.C lipstick in "Mystic"

- M.A.C lipstick in "faultlessly"

- M.A.C creme lip liner in "plum royal"

- Nyx lipgloss in "black"



I have shown Mystic before in my reds and purples lip look. With a satin finish, Mystic is one of those lipstick that don't need any lip gloss. which I love! In this photo, its of a reddish hue, but in person it's a mauve purple. I consider this lipstick wearable for all women, daytime or night time.



So this one is super shimmery and you may have already guessed which lip product I used. Yep its the lip shimmer by burt bees. I first went over my lip with MAC's lip liner in the plum royal color. I love the shiny and shimmer of this lip!



I know its the EXACT  shade of Rihanna's lip. I didn't know it until I bought it. M.A.C's faultlessly is on stands now at the mac counter. Its from the f/w 09 collection. This one is for the bold girls who don't mind all shades of lipsticks instead of the typical pinks and browns. Me personally, I love fact that its an amplified finish and we all know those lipsticks really don't need a gloss! As you can see, its shiny by itself.





If faultlessly is too bold for you ladies by itself, then this is what it look like when you blot it and apply a pink shiny lipgloss to it. I used the burt bees super shiny gloss... I already know girls will wear this lipstick sheer.



I couldn't get my camera to focus on this black lip gloss. I was super happy my local beauty supply store sold this NYX lippie. We all know mac sales the black lipstick and gloss, but I gotten this one for just 4 bucks! as you can see its not that bad.  I'm definately saving all these dark lip trends for Winter... My logic is, that its a great balance for the bright white snow and a dark lip.



mechelle003 mechelle003 6 years 31 weeks
I love this look for fall and winter. It is awesome.
Sherita Sherita 6 years 32 weeks
I really like all the colors!! Rihanna looks so Fierce!!
Pattieta Pattieta 6 years 32 weeks
lipstick looks so hot on rihanna :D
AmberHoney AmberHoney 6 years 32 weeks
Amazingly good looks on you - I'm kinda jealous :) My fave is the faultlessly. I'm gonna try it cause I love the bold, statement colors but....