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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up
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Rimmel London - Orange Bliss

Hi everyone,
Finally the long promised test of the Topcoats. I'm wearing:

Left Hand with Seche Vite:

Right Hand with OPI:

I'll keep you updated here on how this polish lasts and which hand stays pretty longer. (with pictures)

Hi everyone,
I showed you my nails after the application on Tuesday, today it's Thursday night and after two days of wear and today's shower my nails suddenly look like this:
Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat:
OPI RapiDry TopCoat:

Quite a difference right? The OPI is pretty perfect still (only a mini chip on the index finger), and the Seche Vite one is ruined. This nailpolish is supposed to stay on for 10 days, and this polish lasted 2 days on the Seche Vite hand. So for all of you wondering which one is better? Well, the Seche Vite dried quicker, butttt the OPI chipped less. So my favourite remains the OPI, and you can now see why.

0fashionqueen 0fashionqueen 5 years 2 weeks
Nice and I am sorry about your nails.
tdsollog tdsollog 5 years 3 weeks
Zippy color! Love it!
CoronaLove CoronaLove 5 years 3 weeks
what about doing a top coat of opi then seche vite? I usually do two top coats.
POPSUGAR-Beauty POPSUGAR-Beauty 5 years 3 weeks
Love the before and after pix! Gonna highlight this post on Bella's main page!
HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 5 years 4 weeks
I like this color better on you than the light pink.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 5 years 4 weeks
CCee - love, love the orange and your product tests are the best. Really, pics and details. Amazing! Thanks for all you do for me, you also save me $.
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 5 years 4 weeks
Whoa, that's *quite* the difference! I'm in the market for some new nail stuff for fall, so I will definitely check out the OPI top coat.
lazybones101 lazybones101 5 years 4 weeks
It is really surprising to see how much the top coat you use affects the staying power of nail polish.
CCee CCee 5 years 4 weeks
You're very very welcome. :hug:
outofhere outofhere 5 years 4 weeks
That is a HUGE difference! Your posts are always so detailed and informative and you get down to what we all want to know, how long does it really last! Thank you cc :hug:
pepperysunshine4 pepperysunshine4 5 years 4 weeks
I love this color
Dana18 Dana18 5 years 5 weeks
I love the orange color. I have that on my toes now by OPI.