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Robert Pattinson Celeb Sighting! (AKA The Saddest Celeb Sighting Story Ever Told)

In September of 2008, I was still resistant to the Twilight phenomenon. It was idiotic, I know, but the movie hadn't come out yet and the books seemed a little too young for me (again...no need to say it, I KNOW). Considering what percentage of my day and job — PopSugar.com — is taken up by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and all the rest of the cast now, it feels so silly. And thus begins the story of my biggest professional, nay...life, regret. My colleague and friend Becky and I were set to attend the 2008 MTV VMAs in LA. We were so excited for our first big red carpet together and got all gussied up for the event. During the red carpet the celebrities' publicists would come over to offer interviews for their clients "Would you like Kid Rock? Would you like Chris Brown?" Then, one came over and said, "Hey, would you ladies like to chat with Robert Pattinson? He's from the upcoming Twilight movie?"

I answered, "Is Kristen Stewart available?" since at that point, she was more famous to me (Panic Room being a classic, in my eyes, plus she had worked with Adam Brody...). The publicist said no, we gave a tepid "Sure, we could maybe talk to Robert..."

Right as Robert was making his way down the red carpet, closer and closer to us who did we see but Brody Jenner! Believe me, this hurts me to even talk about, but we let Robert walk right by. We were trying to talk to Brody. As you can see from this photo — we were SOCLOSE. Sigh, how much would I love to have that moment back? Since then, Robert has obviously blown up into one of the biggest stars in the world. There will be chances to talk to Rob on red carpets to come, but nothing like catching him right before the storm, right before everything changed in his quiet life. My celebrity sighting of Robert Pattinson is a sad, sad tale.

Lesson learned: Believe the hype and never question millions of teens. They're usually right.

Epilogue: At the InTouch Icons and Idols afterparty that night at the Chateau Marmont, Robert was alone smoking in the corner all night. Not even talking to anyone. I was busy making small talk with one of the kids from Greek. FML.

Melly80 Melly80 6 years 29 weeks
and while i'm at it I'll just correct some grammar in my last post that someone obviously misunderstool.... f*cking whatever and you treated him as so.... he will ever be grateful meaning...you treated him as WHATEVER?!!! and he'll forever be grateful for that...given his current situation (hellloooo) he wants to just gel into the rest of what going on around him, the fame thing has literally slapped him a whopper in da face
Melly80 Melly80 6 years 29 weeks
awws yeah see that shit makes my heart melt. He's just a normal dude doing his thang hey. Hows i've commented 3 times on this straight after been down my local club a lil bit tipsy bahahaha...whatevaa!
bracken bracken 6 years 29 weeks
A friend of my mums served Robert in an eco boutique in london where he was buying I Conjure Candles, Aveda and Mamma mio products. She said he was really shy and spoke very quietly.
ShelleyHFan ShelleyHFan 6 years 32 weeks
Rob Patterson and Kristen Stewart are two different actors with publicists of their own, unless you were talking to a publicist for the film studio, you outed yourself as rude by sharing how you asked Rob's publiscist for Kristen. I don't care about whether they were famous or not, is that how an "entertainment journalist/blogger" acts professionally at an event? Famous or not I would have just nodded sure, or no. And you do fall for HYPE. Right now you're crazy about Twilight as you were/are crazy for The Hills and you'll probably ignore something or someone else for some other HYPE (instead of being inquisitive and getting as much out of these situations as possible). Silly. I don't think I'll be reading this blog anymore...at least much less. It's just stupidity!
hanniebananz hanniebananz 6 years 32 weeks
i think what makes this story really sad is the fact that it was BRODY JENNER you guys talked to over him LOL.
hanniebananz hanniebananz 6 years 32 weeks
^ huh? this makes my heart sad for you even though i don't know you. it's kind of similar to my experience. he was doing a mall tour across america or something like that for twilight, and i had months of notice that he would be signing autographs at the mall i worked at, at the hot topic store just a floor below american apparel (where i worked), and b/c i was resisting the hype as well, i was all "oh, whatever, these teenyboppers need to get over him" and now, i'm sad i missed it.
Melly80 Melly80 6 years 32 weeks
seriously get over it!! lol wtf
Melly80 Melly80 6 years 32 weeks
fucking whatever and you treated him as so he will ever be grateful
audreystar audreystar 6 years 32 weeks
*had NOT talked to
audreystar audreystar 6 years 32 weeks
Oh Molly, Molly, Molly. This is one of those stories where ignorance is bliss. Now I will always know that someone I talk to had also talked to my biggest crush ever. Oh well I hope you get a do over. Bella...sisters in solidarity. :highfive:
flowergirl flowergirl 6 years 32 weeks
FML indeed.
redchick152 redchick152 6 years 32 weeks
oh molly, just think if you talked to him at that party! maybe you could have snagged the next "it" guy...**sigh** oh well, the greek guys are cute too :)
Pampire Pampire 6 years 32 weeks
What a shame!
iccamposano iccamposano 6 years 32 weeks
Haha.. its okay.. Nobody knows that he will be so so so so famous as he is now... Maybe next time... You'll be the one running for R Pattz just to get his interview.... life..
AMLoyd AMLoyd 6 years 32 weeks
This makes me so sad I could cry. Particularly the part at the Chateau. To know then what we know now...
Beauty Beauty 6 years 32 weeks
TOO LATE! (Sigh, look at that hair.) If it makes you feel any better, on the day that Buzz was interviewing Robert, I was interviewing... Paris Hilton.
Entertainment Entertainment 6 years 32 weeks
It's hard to believe there was once a time where he was allowed to roam this freely.
Love-and-Sex Love-and-Sex 6 years 32 weeks
Hide this from BellaSugar.
dannysf dannysf 6 years 32 weeks
Sad, sad tale. And he looked REALLY good too!