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Safe Bathime Age?

So it's common knowledge that leaving a baby alone in the bath- even for a second- is a HUGE no-no. But, when is it safe? My little one is four-and-a-half, and I've been letting her bathe by herself. I'll stay nearby so I can hear her and I check in on her every couple of minues. Is that safe? Should I wait even longer? She can wash herself and she's very mature (for four). What do you girls think? What age is safe?

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jbjb jbjb 2 years 49 weeks
My kid was two when we stopped supervising his baths. We used to have to put the water in the tub for him because he would just let the water overflow. Once he turned three we instigated a new rule where he had to shut the door before he got undressed/went to the bathroom/was taking a bath. So we used to fill the bath up for him and then leave the bathroom and shut the door before he got undressed. Now that he is five, he knows to run the water himself. We just leave a towel in the bathroom and he can take a bath by himself and after he is done he will dry off and find his own pajamas and puts himself to sleep
4 years 36 weeks
ym 3.5 year-old daughter usually bathes with me, and my boyfriend's 27-month-old daughter. i would definitely let her in the tub, and even leave the room for a few minutes, without worrying, but i don't think she is quite ready to bathe ALL alone. she wouldn't get so clean, either. :D my son is 6, and he showers all by himself, now. he has been for the past few months, since he decided that he needs privacy from his little sisters-- lol. i am 34 weeks pregnant now, and once i deliver, things are going to have to change a bit, for convenience-- i'll probably get the girls in together, and then bathe myself and the newborn separately.
4 years 37 weeks
I agree with Honeybrown, and don't think I'd feel comfortable until at least 6. I am sure younger would be fine most of the time, but I tend to be on the paranoid side. : )
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 4 years 37 weeks
Six. Under that is iffy.
4 years 37 weeks
We regularily leave out 3 year old(almost 4)in the tub alone. Her brother (almost 7) is too old to bath with her anymore and she doesn't want her baby sister (1year) with her either, so she goes in after her sister and plays while we`re getting the baby ready for bed int he next room. She simply calls out if she needs something and we always go in to help finish washing her and get her out safely. She likes to pretend she`s swimming and that leaves no room for anyone else to be int he tub with her and our bathroom is VERY small so aside from having to be in there for the baby`s bath we generally stay out of the kids` way.
4 years 37 weeks
I think it's old enough to be unmonitored in general, but I remain within a few feet of the door and earshot just in case. I want to hear if they slip or stop playing.
SugarKat SugarKat 4 years 37 weeks
I let my 3 year old bathe herself. She mostly wants us in there, but she'll play by herself in the tub for about an hour or until the water gets cold.