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Saving on Concert Tickets

Seeing a live show is always a thrill especially when it is an artist you have long admired! For me recently it is Dolly Parton, I knew she was going to do a tour but the last I had heard the show was about 6 hours away and had to be purchased in a ticket package for several other shows. Regardless a plane ticket and a bunch of tickets I didn't want wasn't in my finance cards, so I longed for the day I would be able to see Dolly live!

Only a few days ago I received an email from a deal site that offered none other than tickets for Dolly in my area at a discounted price! I wanted to jump on the deal but my husband took a couple more minutes and went directly to the venue and found an even better deal. So what should have been a $56 ticket was only a mere $22. One deal might be good but there might be an even better one and it doesn't hurt to keep looking. So before you spend all the money you make working 9 to 5, see if you can buy your tickets from a coupon site or another even site like Goldstar that offers discounted events for smaller events.