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BBQ Grill Cake
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Kentucky Derby Cake

Chocolate cake, nutella frosting. My original plan was just to do a circle of red roses like those ones they put on the horses, but then Cody {my boyfriend} found the little plastic horses at the cake store. After Eight Belles died, I knocked one of the little horses over. That was probably in poor taste.

Kentucky Derby CakeKentucky Derby CakeKentucky Derby CakeKentucky Derby Cake
Jrsjewels Jrsjewels 6 years 15 weeks
This is gorgeous! I like your dress also!
lynbird lynbird 8 years 2 weeks
Horses + cake + off-color joke = delight
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 8 years 2 weeks
Very lovely and I too, was going to comment about the tackiness of knocking the horse over however at least you admitted it was poor taste. I still adore the roses and overall style of the cake.
Angelica Angelica 8 years 2 weeks
So pretty!
JenniJams JenniJams 8 years 3 weeks
I came very close to snarking on you for knocking the horse over, because I was really devestated by Eight Belles... but you almost inspired a chuckle when you closed with the admission of your bad taste. So, you get a pass this time. Beyond that it is a very pretty cake.
Elainef Elainef 8 years 3 weeks
ooh. i love nutella! this looks like a super yummylicious cake.