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Score a Touchdown With These Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

For a lot of people, Super Bowl Sunday equals Super Bowl snack time. Savory items like chips, dips, wings, and pizza are standard, but it's not a bad idea to also offer up healthy, lighter fare for yourself and guests.

Intercept empty calories, sugar, and fat by making these better-for-you alternatives to the classics. With tasty food like this, you won't miss the traditional guacamole, ranch dip, or chicken wings!

Additional reporting by Emily Bibb, Lizzie Fuhr, and Jaime Young

Score a Touchdown With These Healthy Super Bowl Snacks Nonfat Yogurt Dill Dip With VeggiesPizza Quinoa PolentaMango Red Pepper SalsaKale ChipsHummusEggplant StacksEdamole
Sarah3721646 Sarah3721646 1 year 32 weeks
Hi how do I get the recipes in the top image - there are 4 of them, including the layered salad bowl in the top left and in bottom right something that looks like a bowl of nut butter with some crackers.I can't seem to get them whatever I do and wherever I click. Thanks.
Community-Manager Community-Manager 2 years 32 weeks
@jenmc1026 I just sent you a private message! ;-) Let me know if you still have any problems.
Tamara2279709 Tamara2279709 2 years 32 weeks
sillerz sillerz 2 years 32 weeks
I'm having the same problem. Help please!
Leta-Shy Leta-Shy 2 years 33 weeks
Hi jenmc1026, click on the orange link in the text of each slide, that will take you to each recipe. Happy cooking!
jenmc1026 jenmc1026 2 years 33 weeks
How do I get the recipes for the pictures of healthy Super Bowl 2012 recipes above?
jacks415 jacks415 2 years 35 weeks
Yum! I really want to try that wheat pizza...sounds so good with some veggies! Glad I found these yummy ideas on this list...I'll have to try the kale chips they specifically chose >
kennas kennas 3 years 32 weeks
The amount of junk food people comsume on Super Bowl Sunday is insane. Over 90 million lbs. of chicken wings are consumed every year...
3 years 33 weeks
These look delicious. I also posted a bunch of healthy party snacks on Snack Girl.