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Second date making out?

I had a second date with a great guy last night.  We met for dinner in a small town near us, and strolled around the town afterward (it was practically deserted.)  We ended up making out on practically every street corner.  He told me all the qualities he wanted in a woman, and said I had them.  He suggested we find somewhere to park and "make out like teenagers," so we did...I asked if he had ever done this on a second date, and he said no, I told him I hadn't either.  I haven't had a relationship in quite a while and I don't think he's very experienced either.  Before the end of the date he asked if we could get together Sunday (we're both busy during the holidays).  I haven't heard from him today, do you think he is just busy or is reconsidering/freaking out because of the making out?

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Venus1 Venus1 5 years 23 weeks
I think he will be in touch. If not contact him again. I've done more than that on a first date (my body, my choice so don't knock me anybody) and they've been back.
HollyJRockNRoll HollyJRockNRoll 5 years 23 weeks
Just chill. Everyone has said it. Men are not huge texters, phone chatters- well, not all of them at least. It depends on what kind of guy it is. Also, many men know that many women today do not want a guy blowing up the phone and being overly eager. Maybe he is just taking his time. Feel free to freak if four days go by and you have not heard anything from him. And even then, I wouldn't panic. Hit him up on Friday and ask if you are still on for Sunday.
Jake2010 Jake2010 5 years 25 weeks
You're fine... he'll be back... making out is fun and guys are all about fun.... worry not... next time you meet... bring some mistletoe and pick up where you left off.... :)
snarkypants snarkypants 5 years 26 weeks
chill! i totally made out with my current boyfriend on the first date. and it definitely didn't scare him off! :) he waited a couple of days to contact me again too. he didn't want to seem too eager!
dark-chocola dark-chocola 5 years 26 weeks
heyheyheyhey.. honey, u r nervous of making out in the 2nd date? i did it in my 1st date with a co-worker! and we're together for a year now, have plans for future, and he was acting like this (rarely calls, sms, im) he told me that this was like a defensive shield against the new relation ship (acting hard to get my @$$!) just calm down, he'll call back, u better never over thinking about those regular scenarios any more(it wouldnt apply to ur relation ship...just like it doesnt for me) Wish U Very Good Luck
GregS GregS 5 years 27 weeks
Backing away because of a "make out" session? Not even! Just chill. He's OK with you. You're not pushing too hard. Not everyone likes to text (me), or IM (me again), or flood your inbox with emails (um, me yet again). This could also be both of your moments of reflection. It is only the second date after all. It isn't like Sunday you're going to marry him or something. Take a deep breath and think about what he brings to the table, both positive and negative. Is this the relationship you want to continue? Or do you just want to be friends? He's probably asking the same questions.
etcil1234 etcil1234 5 years 27 weeks
GIRL calm down! Why exactly did you expect him to call the next day if your plans aren't til Sunday? He's a man! That's what they do! I wouldn't even begin to worry til like Saturday afternoon! He doesn't want to seem needy/clingy so that you won't be turned off by it...and my advice to you would be to do exactly the same. DON'T call. Only call Saturday afternoon, and just casually mention that you were just wanting to see if yall were still on for Sunday. The more casual you act about it, the better.
bluemagnolia bluemagnolia 5 years 27 weeks
JoeTyndall, do you think I blew it? Or just give it a few days?
Alex1988 Alex1988 5 years 27 weeks
It's just making out. It's not like you slept together or anything. Honestly, he's probably just playing the "dating game", and making you wait. Give it a day or two. Don't call him, make him want you and come to you. It always works.
JoeTyndall JoeTyndall 5 years 27 weeks
OP, Making out on the second date has caused him to become far too emotionally attached to you far too quickly. He is wisely backing off. And, because you have allowed him to become emotionally attached to you too soon (and you to him too?) he may overreact and drop you completely. Take it a lot slower next time.
robyncat robyncat 5 years 27 weeks
Sounds like he's already nuts about you, so I wouldn't worry about him freaking out and backing off. Guys just don't care about texts and calls as much as girls do - my boyfriend often stops replying out of the blue when we're texting, or won't call me unless I remind him. But really this is a good thing, because then they focus more on actual experiences with you. If you want to call him, call him! If not, wait for him to follow through with those plans for Sunday. Im sure he will :)
BiWife BiWife 5 years 27 weeks
He's probably just busy/preoccupied or naturally shy and having trouble working up the courage to talk to you again. I have a guy friend (former coworker) who rarely answers calls or returns messages (as in, he's txtd me twice in 3 months), and it's just how he is with everyone. If you're really curious, give him a call :)
eugovogue eugovogue 5 years 27 weeks, calm down. Historically, guys don't spend a lot of their time wanting to text/call back and forth all day. He spent that entire night with YOU and made future plans already with YOU. Don't be so obsessed and worrisome, or it'll turn him off big time. BUT don't play games either. Don't not talk to him just because he wont talk to you (he's probably busy anyway, geez). If you want to strike up and conversation, then do it. But I'm warning you, if you are all over him all the time he will disappear. Just be cool. You've got him hooked it seems. The rest is cake.