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Should I get the Bugaboo Wheelboard?

Hi Mom's out there!  I'm debating whether or not to purchase the bugaboo wheelboard and was wondering if any other mom's out there have any opinion on whether or not it's worth purchasing.  I have a older Bugaboo Bee that I used for my oldest child who's now 3 and I have a soon to be 6 month old who I use the carriage on.  My 3 y/o is pretty good about walking but sometimes he gets lazy so I was wondering if the wheelboard is worth spending the money on?


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courtneylsmmackid courtneylsmmackid 5 years 4 weeks
Love mine my three year old calls it his skate-surf board. He walks alot to but it is easy to jump on and off. It does take a little while to get used to bc you have to walk wider