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Should Justin and Selena break up or stay together?

You can say anything that is on your mind.....

lin-bieber lin-bieber 3 years 25 weeks
if selena makes jb happy they should stay togheter
JBlover6 JBlover6 3 years 33 weeks
they should be together ! they are perfect patners!!!! how i wish it's me!!!!
baby-bieber-1994 baby-bieber-1994 3 years 44 weeks
thay should break and justin should marrie me
bieberrgirll2013 bieberrgirll2013 3 years 44 weeks
If she makes him happy. Thts all i want for him. im like in love with him. so i would want him to be happy ntt unhappy.Love you Justin Drew Bieber ;)
BieberWifeey1 BieberWifeey1 3 years 46 weeks
Mee Personally ,, Thinkk Theyy Shouldd Stayy Toghethher Selena Makess Justnn Happy . . Andd Iff He's Happy Imm Happy . . Pluss Theyy Aree Soo CUTEE TOGETHERR !!
brooke15 brooke15 3 years 46 weeks
i think they should stay together
cutegirl44 cutegirl44 3 years 50 weeks
I like love Justin. un going to his concert OMG!!!
apple2 apple2 3 years 51 weeks
I love Justin and i think that he's NOT A LIP-SINGER i mean he's nice, sweet, and his voice is super hot like him!!
camroniscute camroniscute 3 years 52 weeks
yes they should stay together because they are the perfect parterners
sophiewhite sophiewhite 3 years 52 weeks
personally i love justin and i just want him to be happy and if selean makes him happy stay if not talk about it but i think really they should stay together and we can really say it is up to them to deal with it not us
mrslucybieber mrslucybieber 4 years 2 days
personally i don't think they should break up i love justin and i really like selena and she makes justin really happy xx GO TEAM JELENA XX