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Shower Sex: Does It Ever Work?

This weekend I tried shower sex for the first time and it was a water logged disaster. Hilarious, but a disaster. Angles were impossible, water sounds romantic until in it's your eyes and ears and nose and you feel like you just washed up onto shore. I don't regret trying, but now I'm wondering if anyone can make it work. Is it a height thing? He's five inches taller than me, but I was thinking it might be easier if there were a dramatic size difference. I don't know . . . has anyone had successful shower sex. And if so, how?!?

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dglguy dglguy 3 years 13 weeks
I have only tried it once or twice and that was many years ago. As BiWife stated, there are tools one can buy at sex stores (online or otherwise). One of these tools are hand holds and foot holds that have suction cups on them. So you position 1 or 2 foot holds on the wall of the shower and 1 or 2 hand holds as well and the suction part of the device holds it firmly in place. It may take practice to find a good position for each hand/foot hold but that could be part of the fun. I have a set of these hand-foot holds but I don't have a partner now so I haven't yet had an opportunity to try them. I don't recall the name of the place I got them but google should produce results.
BiWife BiWife 4 years 12 weeks
never been successful with it myself, just lots of awkwardness and lack of orgasms. tubs are much more conducive to sex or make sure you bring some accoutrements. They sell suction cup adhering handles and foot holds for shower-sex at sex shops and online, which look like they could help but I don't have any personal experience using them.
aussieguy aussieguy 4 years 12 weeks
shower sex is pretty awkward, but we found it works if she is bent over and i go in from behind. the only real plus is that you can just wash the cum away after.
missnacho missnacho 5 years 19 weeks
Oh shower sex is great. It really depends on what type of shower it is though. I find it easier in a stand up shower instead of the tub combined ones because they tend to be slipperier. What you have to do is have his back facing the faucet, because most likely while he is thrusting he will be leaning forward, so the water won't really get into his eyes, it'll mostly hit his lower back. or even if your in the tub, stand in the area furthest away from the water, the steam still feels nice. I have never had shower sex with us facing each other, merely because i'm afraid if he picks me up we will slip and fall. A position that I used is that my back would be facing him, and i would have one foot planted on the floor while he's holding your other thigh up. He should wrap his arm underneath your leg, almost as if he's about to pick you up. Use the wall to help make sure you don't fall, and if you're flexible you can hold the thigh that is already can raise it up near his shoulder, then put your corresponding hand on his neck. I find it to be very pleasurable...but do not use water as your lubricant. Have some foreplay and make your own lls.
dark-chocola dark-chocola 5 years 19 weeks never worked out for us, he was going to fall down and i was terrified and hit my head against the wall, then grabbed him to the bed..LOL
PurpleTeam PurpleTeam 5 years 21 weeks
Sex is like docking an oil tanker through the Suez Canal. The bed will provide you with a malleable surface to correct errors in the alignment of shafts.
Life-Is-Never-Enough Life-Is-Never-Enough 5 years 21 weeks
or use an umbrella! LOL :D
Asia84 Asia84 5 years 21 weeks
It's not for the faith of heart. be prepared to get your hair wet and water in your ears. Bring plenty of lube. I'm not sure if you have a traditional tube with shower head, or walk in shower or what. But you have to really get down with it. It's not like in the movies (as you've discovered). He can pick you up. You can bend over (water alert). On your knees. Missionary (point shower head AWAY from you. The hardest thing is if you guys use condoms. They can get...lost. Just have plenty of backups and lube.
Alex1988 Alex1988 5 years 21 weeks
My boyfriend and I have only been somewhat successful with shower sex one time, lol. We shower together lots and it always seems like a great idea to have sex, but it never quite works out. The water splashing in our faces is probably the worst part, plus my fear of slipping doesn't help. If anyone has any great suggestions I would love to hear them also!
Life-Is-Never-Enough Life-Is-Never-Enough 5 years 21 weeks
agree with Platinum
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years 21 weeks
If he has a lot of upper body strength he can pick you up and hold you up with your back against the shower wall, though some people (usually men) don't clean their showers often enough so you might want to check for soap scum before trying this one. That's my favorite way to do it. Also if you bend over and he has his back under the shower with you facing the back of the tub. It can be fun but it's not practical.
Life-Is-Never-Enough Life-Is-Never-Enough 5 years 21 weeks
I had sex shower with my bf a several times, sometimes went great, and sometimes went a bit annoying from the water splashing my face that I couldnt breathe. If I am in the corner, and where he stands in front of me that blocks the water, perfect place and make sure the water is a little bit more than warm so it will steam up and more wetter down there, easier and comfortable for both of you. ;)
pax4pax pax4pax 5 years 21 weeks
"Pix or it didn't happen." (A funny quote from Digg.) Water is not the best lubicrant, but it's interesting to start there and end it on a nice rug out of it.
Venus1 Venus1 5 years 21 weeks
No! I think this is best left for films,