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Sleek - i-Divine Palettes

Hi everyone,

I bought all the different Sleek palettes I could get my hands on, I love them! I saw Pixiwoo working these shadows and for the price you really get a lot of worth.
I'm going to be doing a lot of looks with these palettes in the next few weeks, so watch out for those.

Firstly I want to show you more about what I got.
These palettes contain 12 highly-pigmented pressed mineral-based eyeshadow shades. (of all palettes I took 2 pictures, one in sun or lamplight and one using a flash)

I got:
- Original i-Divine Palette (great purple, blues and greens and a few neutral colours)

- Storm i-Divine Palette (top row for natural, bottom for dramatic looks)

- Sunset i-Divine Palette (warm sunset type colours, golden browns and one bright blue)

- Acid i-Divine Palette (neon colours)

- Chaos i-Divine Palette (warm tinted colours)

- Curious i-Divine Palette (cold tined colours)

- Graphite i-Divine Palette (mainly blacks and greys with a irridescent colour sheen)

- Jewels i-Divine Palette (great bright yellow and warm tinted browns plus a few great blueish tints)

- Safari i-Divine Palette (mainly greens and browns)

There is one more palette out (but not for sale in my country) called Bohemian.

Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 8 weeks
as written in CCee Me - i love them so much :LOVE:
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 6 years 8 weeks
woot! i have a few of the sleek palettes too... (original, storm, graphite, acid) they are awesome~