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Three Bean Salad w/ Yogurt-Buttermilk Dressing
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Slider Heaven Via the Burnt Truck

There’s no denying that we’re becoming a food truck nation. From hipster Korean tacos to a food truck-based reality show, it seems like there’s no stopping the on-the-go food craze. We’ve come a long way from hot dogs and burgers, my friends.

Recently, I spent some sweet time back home in Orange County, CA, feasting on fare from my local food trucks — Spanish tapas, Asian fusion tacos, and a cappuccino-flavored sandwich. But nothing hit the spot than the gourmet sliders from The Burnt Truck.

Between toasted Hawaiian bread, I found a savory Sloppy Joe as messy and flavorful as the original, larger, American fixin’. The buttermilk fried chicken slider, with garlic potato spread and country gravy, captured the essence of Southern cuisine with every comforting bite. And my personal favorite, the classic cheeseburger, with American cheese, grilled onions, a mini Angus beef patty, and a to-die-for avocado spread, left my taste buds dancing with its harmonious flavor combo.

I never thought I could find such an inspired, refined meal on wheels! Unfortunately, many food trucks are only at a location for a certain time, and fans must locate their faves through the Internet and last-minute notifications.

That said, I was wondering if you eat from food trucks, and how far you would go to hunt down your favorite mobile meal?

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3 years 25 weeks
i tried this truck on a recommendation and they really lived up to the hype.
3 years 40 weeks
Ate their sliders last week, was pretty freakin good. Not for my diet but guess can put that one back on my new year's resolution list
3 years 40 weeks
I've tried the Burnt Truck. It's amazing
3 years 40 weeks
LOVE food trucks! Must check this one out ASAP!! Wish they were available at more times though! Checked out their web site and their menu is SO unique! Do you know if it changes every day?
TheBestRedDress TheBestRedDress 3 years 40 weeks
I'm not sure what that is, but I get the impression it could clog your arteries in 6 seconds flat.