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Social Worker looking to transition to HR

After five years with a Master's in Social Work I am already burnt out and want to shift to Human Resources. I need help figuring out how to put my interpersonal and people management skills into more of an HR frame work. Thanks for any and all help!


To obtain a challenging position that will both utilize and strengthen the organizational, clinical and interpersonal skills acquired through diverse, demanding responsibilities, education and social work experiences.


Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Social Worker
• Directed and coordinated the pregnancy and adoption services program while providing direct counseling and adoption services to both biological and adoptive families.
• Worked independently to increase client census from zero in 2006 to over 30 in 2007 through marketing and networking strategies.
• Developed, presented and implemented the United Way funding grant and the Pregnancy Maintaince Initiative grant to secure program funding.
• Trained, supervised and motivated three additional social workers to provide comprehensive, compassionate and competent pregnancy counseling and adoption services.

Adoption Social Worker / Therapeutic Case Manager
• Supervised the cases of at least twenty eight children in out of home placements, providing crisis intervention, assessment of placement progress and/or coordination while monitoring each child’s readiness for adoption.
• Worked independently in families’ homes, state agencies, care facilities and schools, coordinating resources to provide advocacy and counseling.
• Developed and implemented individual recruitment plans for each child, matched children with potential family resources, organized and lead staffings to select an appropriate family based on the child’s needs.
• Guided children and adoptive families through the adoption processes to include legal issues and providing emotional guidance and counseling.

Multi-Systemic Therapist
• Responsible for evaluation, assessment, treatment planning, resource coordination and advocacy for five at-risk families’ with adolescents.
• Provided independent, therapeutic interventions in families’ homes, state agencies and schools up to six times per week per family.
• Responsible for 24 hour on-call crisis intervention seven days per week.

Master of Social Work: advanced standing clinical program.
President of the MSW Student Organization 2002-2003.
Completion of 40 hours of Multi-Systemic Therapy training
Bachelor of Social Work: generalist program.
Cultural Anthropology Minor: cultural diversity emphasis.
Completion of diverse continuing education units.

XYZ Hospice Care; Girl Scouts of America Troop Leader; ABC Hopsital; American Red Cross; PQW Hospital; RST Foundation.

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Socialdoc Socialdoc 8 years 3 days
5. Human Resources Manager Women have always been the human resources managers of their homes--making sure their family is functioning at its peak potential and that each member feels well cared-for and valued. Women's communication skills and empathy often distinguish them in human resources, whether they are training staff or handling disbursement of compensation and benefits. If you are looking for more control over your schedule once your career is established, HR consulting can be a great option. Many bachelor's and master's degree programs in management offer an emphasis in human resource management. The BLS reports a 2006 median salary of $88,510 for human resources managers. From a Yahoo article today- FYI.
apeacefulife apeacefulife 8 years 5 days
I went straight into Child Welfare after grad school. It was too painful for me, I wasn't always able to leave work at work... Working everyday to put kids back into home that left them vulnerable was too much... I worked so hard for so little pay and couldn't/can't support myself and my daughter... I have innate interpersonal skills and great talent with people, but I feel like I need to move in a new direction. I have been looking at online classes in HR. Thank you for responding!
Socialdoc Socialdoc 8 years 1 week
Hi, I am finishing my degree in Human Services & Management, hopefully this year if I can obtain another $10 k to finish. ( Any ideas here ?) I was looking in to going for a Gerontology masters degree, I want to be a Social Worker. After 5 ys in the field, your post concerns me that I will be burned out too, any advice? SW is my passion... I am currently an Office Manager & have been doing this for too many years,LOL I'd suggest you enroll in a certificate program with HR , University of Phoenix has them, $10 k. And enroll in SHRM for other networking & skill improving ideas. Good Luck!