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Sorry, No Ladies Only Holidays

Judge rules against women-only holidays


Herald Sun

November 18, 2009 12:01am

A judge ruled that women-only holidays cannot be advertised because it could breach the human rights of men / File
  • Plans to start a women-only holiday service
  • Wanted exemption to Equal Opportunity Act
  • Judge refuses, say it is not necessary

A SINGLE-sex travel company for women who want to avoid boozy, bed-hopping mixed tour groups has been grounded.

A judge ruled yesterday that former tour guide Erin Maitland cannot advertise women-only holidays because it could breach the human rights of men. 

Judge Marilyn Harbison refused to grant Ms Maitland an exemption to the Equal Opportunity Act, ruling that she had not proved it was reasonable or necessary, the Herald Sun reports.

"The exemption may well be convenient and practical in the establishment of her business, but it cannot be justified on human rights principles," said the vice-president of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. 

In her evidence to VCAT Ms Maitland said she wanted to set up Travel Sisters after hearing stories from her friends who would not travel in mixed tour groups because of "drinking and bed-hopping".

The judge said Ms Maitland believed Travel Sisters would provide security for women, re-assure male partners who could not travel and be used by women who did not want to mix with men for cultural or religious reasons or because they were victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. 

Her application was opposed by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, which said it would conflict with Victoria's Charter of Human Rights. 

Judge Harbison said the commission argued that her application stereotyped men's behaviour.,28318,26366101-5014090,00.html?ref...

cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 6 years 27 weeks
LOL...Sam you are probably right. ex went on hunting trips that were "guy only" because of lack of privacy the woods. I was happy to let him go cr@p in the woods with his jerks he called friends. On some level I can't see some dude demanding to be allowed to go to spas and do mani-pedi's with the girls and dish about the next episode of Gossip Girls. This is just a prime example of where our judicial system just goes in the wrong places...out tax dollars support this jerk probably. I wonder who ended up paying the court costs. I am thinking...she probably should have offered men-only vacations were men can spit and fart with great offer an equal opportunity. BUT...This judge may be one of those who like to go on trips with groups so he can either watch the bed-hopping or take part in it.
samantha999 samantha999 6 years 27 weeks
My guess: the judge is male and was afraid his wife would go away and leave him home with the kids.