Soyatoo Vegan Whipped Cream

So some of my recipes have called for whipped cream, or cool whip, but since pretty much all major brands of whipped cream contain milk (even tho' they say Dairy Free on the tub), Soyatoo Vegan Whipped Cream is great alternative. It isn't real sweet, so if you are craving a bit more sugar, marshmallow cream might be up your alley. (You can mix a bit of soy or rice milk in it if it's too thick). Soyatoo is found at Whole Foods, or you can order online at:

Ingredients: Organic soymilk (water, soybeans), organic coconut oil, organic fractionated palm kernel oil, organic sugar beet syrup, organic maltodextrin, tartaric acid, carrageenan, sea salt, natural vanilla extract, propellant (nitrous oxide)

Soyatoo Vegan Whipped CreamSoyatoo Vegan Whipped Cream