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Creamy Chocolate Nut Butter
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Tone It Up's Spooky Halloween Workout!

BOO fitsugar community!! It's Karena & Katrina :)

We put together a fun, spooky workout for Halloween that tones all the right areas!

Print your workout here~ Right click & choose 'save as' - Spooky Halloween Workout

Ghost Buster Cardio!!

3 Minute Warm-up Walk

120 Second Sprint

60 Second Jog

60 Second Sprint (OR 60 Second Kettlebell Swing!)

Repeat 5 Times Through!


Karena & Katrina

Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat!


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bjeanne18 bjeanne18 4 years 31 weeks
Thought this was hilarious!! I love the Black Cat haha - maybe my cat will join in on the Halloween workout ;)
magickofreiki magickofreiki 4 years 31 weeks
i love this!!! so handy to print out and put right in front of me as I do the moves either at home OR work. Awesome post!
toneitup toneitup 4 years 31 weeks
thanks so much Brittany!!!
eatingbirdfood eatingbirdfood 4 years 31 weeks
Love this Halloween workout!