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Spring Fitness Gear Review (& Giveaway!)

By Jessica Smith

Spring season is just around the corner, which means it's time to start melting away any winter weight gain with a great workout routine. Here are some of our favorite gadgets, gear and gizmos to help you spring into action!

Spring 2012 Fitness Gear Review (& Giveaway!)CORE Armband by Body MediaFila Body Toning Workout WearFitness Evolved HeadphonesHydracoach Water BottleHIIT Mix Coached Album by MotionTraxx
JessicaSmithTV JessicaSmithTV 4 years 10 weeks
ATTENTION CONTESTANTS: Two of our winners have not yet responded! If you entered the contest, please be sure to check your FitSugar inbox for a message with your winning notification and instructions on how to claim your prize!
JessicaSmithTV JessicaSmithTV 4 years 11 weeks
**THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED** thank you to all who entered and stay tuned, winners will be announced on MONDAY 3/12!
co_curlysue co_curlysue 4 years 11 weeks
I just joined the 10 Down group :) I love this website! But, back to the contest, honestly, I'd love them all. I'm only one pound away from losing 20 pounds so far and I feel amazing! But the Core armband or the new Fila clothes would be super helpful. Have a great weekend and thanks for the opportunity!
katanddon03 katanddon03 4 years 11 weeks
I would love to win any of the items!! Motivation to keep up the good fight towards losing weight and getting fit. I love the 10 Pounds Down DVD's and the Videos on my iPad.
CarolynH CarolynH 4 years 11 weeks
Would love to have the HIIT mix. I am doing your bootcamp DVD right now and it is awesome, but would love to have somehting to change it up with!
sjloranger87 sjloranger87 4 years 12 weeks
I would love to win the Core armband so I can track my calories throughout the day to help me lose the last 9 pounds I need to lose :)
Grace2385761 Grace2385761 4 years 12 weeks
I would be happy just winning any one of those exciting prizes. My ultimate choice if I had one? I'd lean towards the Core armband. The outfit would be nice too!
Elisabeth11 Elisabeth11 4 years 12 weeks
I would love the Fitness Evolved Headphones! These would help me track my heart rate, steps, and workout length, and look like they would fall out of my ears less often than normal headphones.
daisy-sunshine daisy-sunshine 4 years 12 weeks
the core armband would be really great. :) get me back on track with my weight loss.
highkicks74 highkicks74 4 years 12 weeks
#1--The HITT, #2 the Armband! This would really keep me motivated and continue on the path of being healthy and fit! Absolutely love Jessica Smith! Thanks for the opportunity!
r0nna r0nna 4 years 12 weeks
wow, everything in this package is worth coveting by a fitness junkie! esp. like the "Fitness Evolved" headphones because I'd rather workout barefoot than workout without music.
jodie2012 jodie2012 4 years 12 weeks
I would love the Core armband as well as the the HITT track, both for accountability and motivation. The workout clothes as well, who does not want to look smaller.
Leira27 Leira27 4 years 12 weeks
Ooooh I would love to win the CORE Armband, something to keep me more accountable would be great!
jeanmalle jeanmalle 4 years 12 weeks
Love the workout clothes by FILA. That would definitely make me want to work out even more! So cute!!
spikejvampire spikejvampire 4 years 12 weeks
The CORE Armband by Body Media would be pretty sweet because I have no idea how many calories I burn during the day and my work outs. I also drink a lot of water so being able to know the exact amount of water I drink a day would be pretty helpful, so the Hydracoach WaterBottle would be pretty handy to have.
Alocke82 Alocke82 4 years 12 weeks
Have always wanted a Core Armband - and I think thats what Jessica is wearing in 10 PD videos! I want to see what its all about...plus the music for outdoor walks sounds great as well...I love giveaways!
Myiii Myiii 4 years 12 weeks
OMG what great prices ! It would be so beneficial to me! It's always motivating to get new workout stuff .. but the money doesn't always want us to do so :P Thanks for this amaziiing giveaway xxx
Grace2385761 Grace2385761 4 years 12 weeks
How do you enter the sweepstakes?
Sadiex27 Sadiex27 4 years 12 weeks
The HIIT coach looks awesome, as does everything else! Good Luck everyone!
xpressangel xpressangel 4 years 12 weeks
I really need some new workout clothes, so I would love to win the FILA!
Christina2382167 Christina2382167 4 years 12 weeks
I would love to win the workout clothes because I don't have any that fit me, so I would love some new ones.
Keri2382119 Keri2382119 4 years 12 weeks
I am torn between 2 things I would LOVE to have...the first being the HIIT coach (not to butt kiss, but I love ANYTHING Jessica does!). I would also love to have the bodymedia armband because I have wanted one of those since I started my weightloss journey. Thanks so much for this opportunity...I hope I win!!! :-)
leap4th leap4th 4 years 12 weeks
Love the new headphones & music! Helps to keep up the pace. Great basics to keep you moving!
lighthouselady lighthouselady 4 years 12 weeks
I'm a bit confused. where or how do we enter for this giveaway? Any of the pieces would be great, but the Body media armband would be awesome or I could always use new workout clothes.
eni82 eni82 4 years 12 weeks
I could benefit from any of the gear but I a most excited about the CORE Armband by Body Media. What a nice way to continue the efforts to lose weight.