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Our Kitchen Remodel
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Springtime Front Porch

Since it finally stopped raining in Indianapolis I thought I'd go outside and enjoy the day and get some chores done outside.  The first project on my to do list was sprucing up my front porch.
Sadly, I will admit I still had my winter wreath on the door!  I will also admit my front door is a pretty plain so I thought adding a wreath and a stencil would spruce it up a bit.
The front door...

I decided to stick with the green and black color scheme for the entire porch.  I sprayed my wicker chair black, bought and installed a chandelier and added some flowers and succulents.




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Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel Our Kitchen Remodel
Cortney2412893 Cortney2412893 2 years 28 weeks
Could you please tell me the color on the door?
mswendyct mswendyct 3 years 12 weeks
what is the name of the paint color on the door?
Steph-at-BirdHouse Steph-at-BirdHouse 3 years 18 weeks
Looks beautiful! So green and inviting!
houseofanais houseofanais 3 years 19 weeks
Really cute - like the wriitng on the door and the plants by the door!
h2urHome h2urHome 3 years 20 weeks
Thanks for the nice comments!! The owl was a bargain more then half off from Pier !. There is an extremely small chip in his ear. (yes it's a he!) So I asked for a discount and they gave it to me!! Everyone loves him!! (:
Laura-Trevey Laura-Trevey 3 years 20 weeks
considerphi considerphi 3 years 20 weeks
Love the jewel-toned green theme.
designingmainstreet designingmainstreet 3 years 20 weeks
That spaces looks great. It's very welcoming and not fussy. Nice job. And I absolutely LOVE the owl!! Where did you get it?
Julia-Millay-Walsh Julia-Millay-Walsh 3 years 20 weeks
So cute! I love the star and owl decor!
Stacy-W Stacy-W 3 years 20 weeks
Your porch looks so inviting! Great job.