Stanley Cup Party!

No wonder Sid the Kid still lives with Mario. :)

These photos have apparently been leaked to a radio station in London, Ontario.
Fun Stuff!

The wine cellarThe wine cellar

Mario's Favourite TrophiesMario's Favourite Trophies



You know what you need for a pool.....?

The ultimate silver floaty thing!

The kids are lovin' it!The kids are lovin' it!

Jinx Jinx 6 years 48 weeks
I didn't realise that there was controversy over this party, that is a downer. The Stanley Cup has been through hell and back in its day! :rotfl: Its been left in a taxi, and used as a flower pot. The players deserve to party with the cup! I have read the cup that travels is a replica, and the "real" cup is kept on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Actually, I did hear on the radio the cup had been treated with something to protect it, after being in a pool before, lol. I guess the way to find out is to go to the HOF while the cup is "out". Or maybe they remove it to keep people wondering, I don't know. :shrug:But it makes sense there is two. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "If there is glory in miracles, it's that they're reversible"
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 6 years 48 weeks
* Forget I wrote the word "seeming" in my above comment(s); not sure how I missed deleting it.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 6 years 48 weeks
One expensive silver floaty... :P Nice party (where's my invite? ;) ) and such a stunning home. No wonder Sidney continues to live with Mario. Awhile ago I saw an interview and Sid was joking about how he is the live-in babysitter. Cheap price to pay for such a nice deal,lol. Lately people are attempting to create controversy over anything related to the Pens. The trophy seems indestructible based on all of the adventures taken with each team/player. Nothing too freak out about. (I am also curious about if any player has dropped the SC on ice.) Also I wish certain sites/other NHL players would accept the fact Pittsburgh won the cup and lay off the light badmouthing. Aside from them seeming coming off as sore losers, it is their vacation time & everyone should take a breather. On a side note, the parade for the Pens in Pittsburgh was something; I was browsing the images & watching the interviews online and just, wow. Some crowd. It was lovely to see the players + their family celebrating the event. Crosby's Pop (and Mama/Papa Malkin) looked beyond proud.
outofhere outofhere 6 years 48 weeks
I've read about the controversy over this party which I don't understand. It's the Stanley Cup - you name it, it's been through it! It has got to be the most resilient trophy on the entire planet. It's funny that the caretakers use white gloves and handle it so carefully and then it gets handled by the players in the most outrageous ways. :rotfl: Anyway, I think it's wonderful, I love the tradition of it being with the players - they deserve every minute of fun they're having! It's a little disturbing that these photos got leaked, it seems like a private party but they're fun to see. Woah - Mario has quite the house! I have a bizarre question. Has the cup ever been dropped when it's been passed from player to player on the ice?
maisiegirl maisiegirl 6 years 48 weeks
Love it Jinx!! Thanks for the post. I'd love to dive into that wine cellar and the pool with that silver floaty thing too!!