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Star of Merlin’s hit series – Katie McGrath my project dream cast


Well, not long ago I’ve posted out on biggest dream epic remake ever - the Italian legend of Fantaghiro series

I really hope that this beautiful legend will meet Hollywood producers.

Now, I’ve officially found my dreamt cast for the heroic princess, Fantaghiro. She is no one but the Irish actress, Katie McGrath (the one who plays the girl who gone bad in Merlin’s hit BBC series) pic above. I think her character is very much memorable apart from her physical look especially the pair of hypnotizing blue eyes that resembles by Alessandra Martines (the one who plays Fantaghiro in original series)

While the rest of my dreamt cast as follows:- ,

Romualdo – Gaspard Ulliel (Jacquou – France legendary film)
The White Witch - Natalie Portman (The Black Swan)
Dark Witch – Rose Mcgowan(Conan the Barbarian 2011)
Tarabas - Joseph Morgan who plays Klaus in The Vampire Diaries series)

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