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Tofu Banh Mi Collard Wraps with Wasabi Peanut Sauce
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Strawberry-Blossom Macaron

strawberry-blossom macarons

The flavors of summer are some of daintiest, delicate, and delectable of all the seasons. Between the elegant, delightful flavor of strawberries and the exotic, exquisite fragrance of cherry blossoms; a macaron was a definite must. I wish Sydney or I could articulate the amazing flavor sensation strawberries fused with cherry blossom created; however I will do my best to try. As you bring the biscuit to your mouth the aroma subtlety entices...
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pastrydiva pastrydiva 2 years 9 weeks
Tank you!
Allison-Siu Allison-Siu 2 years 9 weeks
Impressive! It's no easy feat getting the right macaron texture and shape!