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Which dress colour?
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Street Style - Shahr Inspired!

Street Style!
Shahr!  This style SO
reminded me of YOUR
style - your layouts U post.
LOVE the style!

Street Style - Shahr Inspired!Street Style - Shahr Inspired!
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Which dress colour? Anyone getting problems with YouTube?? Sweet Message To You All Picture Game - Part II Picture Game - Part I Layout Makeup Tip Needed!
D-Lee D-Lee 4 years 38 weeks
UR very welcome Shahr! i :heart: THIS LOOK, and it really reminded me of you! :hug:
Iveenia Iveenia 4 years 38 weeks
yes - you got it - Dee :)
Sam1985 Sam1985 4 years 38 weeks
Like it a LOT :heart:
Nelly-M Nelly-M 4 years 38 weeks
ABSOLUTELY Dixi :heart: Its one of my fav styles ;) U got it, girl :D Tnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Girlssssssssssssss:hug:
Cherlene Cherlene 4 years 38 weeks
Cute look! :)
paigeemma paigeemma 4 years 38 weeks
cute! im sure she would love this. :heart:
saynogirl saynogirl 4 years 38 weeks
Yup this is so shah's look! She'll love it :D
D-Lee D-Lee 4 years 38 weeks
i :heart: this!!
D-Lee D-Lee 4 years 38 weeks
now i HAVE to go, i'm laaaate! :JOG: