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Which dress colour?
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Street Style - Vintage Blouse - Denim Shorts!



I probably would've
worn a camisole!  LOL

Street Style - Vintage Blouse - Denim Shorts!Street Style - Vintage Blouse - Denim Shorts!
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Iveenia Iveenia 4 years 38 weeks
yes - naughty - i admit - yet in doses which are well dispersed - i.e. not the same naughtiness in public as at home with my love (whoever that will be) in the bedroom :) yet transparent blouses have never been my style and if i had one - i was wearing sth which did not show... somehow i am conservative ;)
Nelly-M Nelly-M 4 years 38 weeks
D-Lee D-Lee 4 years 38 weeks
:ROTFL: Ivee! You have a little naughty side don't ya? ;) okay, i do too. :heart: ya!
Sam1985 Sam1985 4 years 39 weeks
Iveenia Iveenia 4 years 39 weeks
some like it transparent (and some like it hot) ;)