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Soothing Stretches to Ease Digestion

With Thanksgiving coming up, I'm sure many of you are looking forward to chowing down on some delicious foods. Most of us end up eating way more than usual, and since many of the dishes may be richer or sweeter than you're used to, it can cause some major discomfort in the tummy department. Here are some gentle stretches you can do to ease digestion.

Don't see your favorite yoga pose here? Then write about it in our Yoga Stretch and Tell group. I am sure all of our digestive systems could benefit from a wide variety of stretches.

Stretches to Ease Digestion<a href="http:/... Spinal Twist</a> <a href="http:/... Puppy</a> Knees to ChestHappy Baby<a href="http:/... Flying</a> <a href="http:/... Heart Opener</a> <a href="http:/... Forward Bend</a>
ThunderRose ThunderRose 6 years 19 weeks
Wow, yoga can just heal everything, can't it? xD