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Sugar ♥

Petsugar say hello to my love Sugar, lol!! I am very excited to introduce him to all the pet lovers here. =)

He is a male flame point Himalayan. Part Persian, part Himalayn, all GORGEOUS ♥ !

I took this picture when he was just 6mths old and of all the pix I have ever captured of him (& there are many, lol) it remains my favorite. the orange rose next to him was taken from the dozen my bf gave me for my birthday last yr. Sugar & I look forward to sharing more pictures with you all in the future. :)


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adtafoya adtafoya 5 years 17 weeks
Holy cuteness!!!
lauren lauren 5 years 17 weeks
What a beautiful kitty!
thedrywallgirl thedrywallgirl 5 years 17 weeks
that's my baby!! ♥ :alice: