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Summer of Star Trek

I use to watch Next Generation and Deep Space Nine with my dad when I was younger. I love watching re-runs of The Original Series. I have had long random conversations with strangers about Star Trek. I would love to get a few Star Trek themed tattoos. BUT I have never seen any of the movies with the original cast. I don't know how I can call myself a Star Trek fan without having seen these, so this summer I will watch the Star Trek movies.

lauren lauren 5 years 50 weeks
Oh yeah! For me I was automatically in love with BSG but maybe you should give it another go!
mudnessa mudnessa 5 years 50 weeks
My husbands cousin was raving about this show last year, I rented the first two discs on netflix and while I didn't not like it I didn't find myself all that into it. BUT I do still remember it and think it might have just been the mood I was in at the time and am thinking of giving it a second go. Didn't help that the second disc I received was damaged, I kinda gave up after that.
lauren lauren 5 years 50 weeks
Oh if you loved Star Trek, I bet you would love Battlestar Galactic! Great scifi that was on the scifi channel just a while back! Have you ever seen the show?